40 years of marriage: gift ideas for ruby anniversaries

40 years of marriage: gift ideas for ruby anniversaries

40 years of marriage: gift ideas for ruby anniversaries

40 years of marriage: celebrate a wedding anniversary with these ideas

40 years of marriage and counting!

Enduring the highs and lows, the joyful and challenging moments, and still standing side by side all these years on. It’s not every day you celebrate 40 years of marriage, which is why we should make the most of it, seeing as it’s a once in a lifetime thing. A 40th wedding anniversary is known as a “ruby anniversary”, the gemstone’s red colour symbolising love and passion, the qualities of a relationship that has stood the test of time.

Why ruby?

Because as well as being a precious gemstone of high value and eternal charm, the gem is characterised by its internal inner flame, which grows brighter with each passing year. This feature, defined as “the burning flame of passion”, is said to represent the romance and devotion over the couple’s 40 years of marriage. Just like the fire in the heart of a ruby which grows over time.

It’s a story so precious and timeless it deserves to be celebrated properly. Which is why we have collected many gifts ideas for husbands and wives, or for the children, parents or friends of the spouses. This way, the occasion of 40 years of marriage will also be a fun and touching way to refresh memories and stories carefully saved over the decades. In the end, that’s the great thing about celebrating wedding anniversaries: sharing a legacy of stories and memories passed down through the generations.

Are you ready to choose the most emotional gifts for 40 years of marriage?

Ruby anniversary: hints and gift ideas to celebrate the spouses’ 40 years

Here are a few examples of gifts you could choose to honour the spouses’ 40 years of marriage:

40 years of marriage: framed photo canvas prints for unforgettable memories

A framed photo canvas should be your first choice for a gift that stirs the emotions.

Think about it: a canvas print accurately reflects the photographs and images that have left their mark during these 40 years of marriage. A gifted photo canvas has a dual value: on the one hand it’s a personalised piece of interior décor, but also, most importantly, it’s a means of evoking feelings, smells, colours and stories linked to an unforgettable memory. In short, by gifting a framed photo canvas print for 40 years of marriage, you not only help decorate a spot in the house, but above all you help to relive a series of memories big and small that have made an impact on the couple.

It’s clear that the secret to an effective gift lies in choosing the picture carefully.

Somehow, you’ll have to access the couple’s personal and family photo albums. To fish out photos of them as carefree youngsters before the wedding, or photos of the bride and groom during the ceremony, or snapshots taken in the following decades that capture them as a couple, or with their children or relatives. Or perhaps moments in their life where they participated in particularly important events, such as graduations, award ceremonies and festivities. These are all great occasions to go back and dig out the best, most striking images, where the spouses may have been captured in one or more pictures and are particularly photogenic.

Alternatively, there are the iconic locations which have an important meaning to the couple: the old family home, the wedding church, the place the marriage proposal took place, their honeymoon destination or places they went on family breaks. Basically, gather the photos and begin looking for the most “striking” ones for the couple. Those photos that not only represent the spouses, but also the best moments of their life together, whatever their age.

Once you’ve chosen the right photo (or photos), you’re ready to upload it (or them) onto the website, set the print size, check the preview, choose whether you want it framed or not et voilà! The 40 years of marriage gift is served!

40 years of marriage: a cushion with a tribute to make the couple laugh

Canvas prints are not the only option…

Another perfect gift for 40 years of marriage is a personalised cushion!

Yes, you read that right: not a regular traditional cushion, but one or more cushions printed with photos or images that will amuse, touch or move the couple each time they look at them during the day. This is the real added value of these soft gifts: they are useful during the day when you want to rest, but can also trigger memories in a flash.

A cushion is an excellent gift for a 40th wedding anniversary: it will be perfect in the living room, on the sofa or on the floor, or in the bedroom, or in the kitchen. In short, it is a décor accessory which will be present throughout the day. From reading the newspaper first thing in the morning to the Pilates home workout, and from the afternoon nap through to well-deserved beauty sleep.

In this case too, the important thing is to make an inspired choice with the photo or image to print on the cushion. You will need access to the best photographs which capture the couple before, during or after their wedding. Try to select a wide variety of situations: serious, emotional, fun, romantic and unusual. Then skim through them and choose the photo, or the tribute, or the image to print on the personalised cushion. And your lovely gift is ready!

40 years of marriage: personalised print on an aluminium panel for ruby anniversaries

After 40 years of marriage, let’s keep the memories vivid!

Encourage the couple refresh their memories with stories, get them to reminisce about old experiences and incidents and memorable tales. But don’t stop there!

By printing the best photos of moments from the spouses’ history, you can bring to life their best memories from their recently achieved 40 years of marriage. Aluminium is a perfect material to give brilliance and freshness to the images that define the couples’ history, sure to take them back to the exact time and place pictured. It’s an elegant solution and with great visual impact. A gift which will quickly find its place in the couple’s home, who will definitely appreciate this aluminium print and the way it continually brings back unforgettable feelings and memories.

Aluminium, in the form of a panel on which your image will be printed, is instantly perceived as a premium material, for a gift full of charm and emotion. Basically, a perfect gift for a couple that is celebrating 40 years of marriage. A precious ornament to place in the home to honour four decades of sharing and to reinforce a magical union with the power of images, the shine of the metallic reflections and a reminder of the emotions felt in that exact moment. What are you waiting for? Look for the best photo, upload it on our site, check the preview and order your print on aluminium! The happy couple deserve it!