Wall decor

Refuse to rest on your laurels? Love trying new things? Always changing your mind? Perfect – us too! That's why we give you a vast range of materials to print all your incredible photos, suitable for even the most demanding of interior designers!

Behind every great print is a great material

There's more than one way – and, most importantly, more than one material – to ensure all of your memories really stand out. That's why we let you choose from heaps of different products to create the print of your dreams, tailor-made for you.

One second to make it, a lifetime to enjoy it

We don't think an attention-grabbing print should take a long time to make. With us, in no time at all you can create a masterpiece to hang up in your home that will get your heart racing every day.

Display every side of you

Tell everyone your story by transforming the walls of your home into an album of personal memories, sharing your favourite and most meaningful moments with personalised snaps, shots and selfies.

Wall art prints

Are you looking for an idea to decorate and personalise a wall or an entire room? You are in the right place! With Gifta, you can print your favourite photos and images in high definition on different materials and create beautiful wall art! Have you ever thought about giving a Photo Panel as a gift? Give your partner, family or friends a print of your best photos! Any occasion is good to get a smile from the people you love. With Gifta, you can do it quickly and easily! Choose the best material for your wall print, configure the product and upload your photo. You can choose from many different media: Aluminium, Acrylic, Foam board and many others.

Lots of materials for your wall art

At Gifta, you will find a wide selection of materials that will allow you to create perfect wall prints for any context! In particular, you can choose from the following:

  • Canvas print: this product consists of a canvas similar to that of a painting, on which your photos or images will be printed in high quality. You can choose whether to add a frame to the product and you will be provided with a kit to hang it on the wall.
  • Forex print: this is a versatile, light and very resistant plastic material.
  • Aluminium print: this material is made through a special industrial process, which eliminates any irregularities on the surface of the panel and gives the product a fine finish, making it resistant and particularly suitable for very high-quality printing.
  • Plexiglass print: thanks to the characteristics of this material, you will transform your best photos into an artistic object of great visual impact that will stand the test of time. It is ideal for embellishing your spaces in a refined and elegant way. The Plexiglass lends itself to bright colours and images.
  • Poster: a beautiful poster to hang on the wall is an excellent solution for printing a photo or photo collage for a gift. You can also add an elegant and modern frame.
  • And much more: our catalogue is constantly updated. Remember to take a look at our new products!

Canvas wall prints

Canvas prints are a must-have for any home and make a fantastic gift. They’re designed to produce an effect similar to a painting canvas, giving them a unique and original look. Our canvas wall prints are available in over 20 sizes and are mounted on a 2 cm fir wood structure. You can also add a frame in a choice of 3 colours. They’ll really bring your favourite photos to life! They’re hugely popular at the moment, so keep your wall art up to date and take a look at our Canvas Prints page for more details and to place an order.

Personalised posters

For a sleek piece of wall art with the feel of photo paper, check out Gifta’s Personalised Posters. They’re made from 225 gsm 100% cellulose card, making them stiff and resistant so they will stand the test of time – even if you move them around and reposition them. That’s right! Our personalised posters come with repositionable stickers, so they’re easy to attach to the wall and they can be moved as often as you like – so you can create a fresh new look in no time at all! For an extra touch of sophistication, you can create Framed Posters with a frame in one of three colours: white, black or wood.

Aluminium wall art prints

If you’re looking for high-end personalised wall art, aluminium wall prints are a must. They have a modern, polished look and are extremely durable despite being lightweight. Aluminium is an ideal material to bring out the details of your photos whilst protecting the print and your special memories. Gifta offers three hanging options with aluminium wall prints: repositionable stickers; four spacers; or invisible double-sided tape. Creating personalised wall art on aluminium couldn’t be easier. Take a look at the dedicated Aluminium Photo Prints page for more info and to place an order.

Acrylic wall art

Printing your photos on acrylic will ensure you have long-lasting, high-quality wall art. The material is shatterproof and shock- and scratch-resistant, so your personalised wall art will remain in pristine condition, even if it dropped, scratched during cleaning or transported if you move house! Plus, acrylic really brings out the colours so your photos will really shine! Gifta’s Acrylic Photo Prints are available in over 20 sizes, in landscape or portrait, so you can easily select the ideal format for your wall. Mounting them is child’s play too. You can choose super-convenient repositionable stickers, four spacers or invisible double-sided tape.

How to make your own custom wall art

It’s simple! You can create new wall prints in just a few clicks:

  1. Choose your preferred type of material (Canvas, Forex, Aluminium, etc.)
  2. Select your customisation options
  3. Upload your image and submit your order
  4. Receive your new Wall Art directly at your home.

And remember, we will be ready to help you if you have any questions or special requests. You can contact us by phone, e-mail or through the convenient Live chat.

Wall art with high-quality printing

Every photograph deserves a wall print worthy of it. If the quality of the product is of the utmost importance to you, you can rest assured that we use the best printing technologies and have extensive experience in printing. You will receive high-definition wall prints with bright colours and faithful details. Sharp and colourful, your memories of your most beautiful moments will add a fresh energy to your rooms. So, have fun printing your photos and be sure that the details and colours of your images will not be altered.

Decorating the walls of a room with wall prints

Thanks to our Wall Art, you can give free rein to your creativity and make the rooms of your home truly unique. With Gifta, decorating your rooms is easy and convenient! We offer you quality products at low prices. Wall art is also a convenient solution to create combinations suitable for every season. The photo panels can be removed at any time, and this will allow you to refresh the style of your indoor spaces whenever you want. You will be able to fill your walls with beautiful and original images, bringing your best memories or photographic masterpieces to life.