Gift ideas for grandparents

Are you looking for a special gift to reward your grandparents' affection? You can't go wrong with Gifta! We offer loads of gift ideas that can all be personalised, perfect for your grandma, grandad or both. Find the right gift and make it unique with photos of you together or meaningful phrases.

Personalised gifts for grandparents

Grandparents are our biggest allies and are always by our side, showing us affection and unconditional love. Calling them and making them feel loved is the least we can do but to express even more gratitude, a gift is the perfect option. But what can we give an elderly person that could be useful and original? Try using a photo or a meaningful phrase! Create unique and special personalised gifts with Gifta.

Grandparents' Day gifts

It only takes a smile and a hug to make grandparents happy but their day is the time to surprise them with something original that will touch their hearts! For this special day, we offer a vast selection of gift ideas that can be fully personalised with your most precious photos or sweet messages. For example, to fill your grandparents' room with memories and to give the print a painted effect, you could create modern canvas prints or elegant framed canvas prints, both of which can be personalised with your favourite photos. Or, for when they're relaxing, you could opt for a personalised cushion. Soft and colourful, it lends itself perfectly to a high-quality print.

Christmas gifts for grandparents

Is Christmas around the corner and you still don't know what to get your grandparents? Don't panic! Gifta is here to suggest unique and meaningful Christmas gift ideas. For example, one of the nicest gifts for grandparents is a personalised mug that will remind them how special they are to you every day when they drink their coffee. Made from ceramic, our 350 ml mug is highly resistant to all types of washing. Print a treasured photo or a phrase you all like to make them smile at breakfast every day! Or you could decorate the walls of their home by creating a series of personalised prints that remind them of the most important moments in their life, like their wedding day and the birth of their children.