Best friend gift ideas
If you want to buy a gift for a female friend but don't know what to choose, why not create one? Choose a photo or message that will impress your friend and create a personalised gift with it. Mugs, cushions, prints and much more!

Best friend gift ideas

Is your friend's birthday approaching and you don't know what to get her? Looking for gift ideas for your best friend for her graduation? Searching for Christmas gift ideas for your female friends? Gifta can help! Have you ever thought of giving a personalised gift? With Gifta, you can customise the gifts for your friends so they are not only useful but also unique and beautiful. Do you and your friend share fond memories? Maybe a holiday together or a special day? Then why not turn that happy memory into a gift? Print that photo on a photo gift or piece of wall decor and personalise your gift making it special and unique to that person.

Original gifts for your best friend

Being best friends means you've shared lots of great times together, between holidays, parties or long afternoons studying, when rather than studying you spent the whole time laughing and taking funny photos. With Gifta, those photos that you immortalised on camera can be made into a lovely gift for your best friend:

  • Canvas prints: with a canvas print, you can transform a happy moment into a piece of art to hang on bedroom walls. Or, you could choose a Plexiglas print or an Aluminium print, to give the picture a more modern look.
  • Photo cushions: another great idea is to print a personalised cushion with the photo or photos you both love the most. You can choose to create a personalised cushion with one photo or a double photo cushion, adding a different photo to each side.
  • Personalised posters: another way to impress your best friend is to print a poster with a collage of your favourite memories. Once you've created the image, you can print it on a poster that displays your best times together. You can choose whether to create a simple custom poster or a framed poster to protect the print and hang it on the wall more easily.

Gift ideas for a female friend. How do you personalise a gift?

It's very easy to create a bespoke gift for a friend with Gifta. Choose a gift to customise from our wall decor or range of photo gifts and decide how to make it unique. Let's say, for example, you want to create a personalised mug for one of your friend's birthdays: once you've selected the product, simply choose how to personalise it. You could print a nice photo of you with the birthday girl or a phrase that your friend says that makes you laugh. Using our online Editor, you can easily create the mug you want, adding images, text, shapes and colours. View the 3D preview of the finished product and when you're happy with the result, place your order. Easy, right? Then all you have to do is wait for the product to be delivered to your home in a few working days.