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High-definition printing

Why you'll love our eco photo panels:

  • Hanging kit
  • Scratch-resistant protective varnish
  • 20+ sizes

Choose to be green

You don't have to be a tree hugger to want to take care of the Earth, and sometimes a small gesture can make a big difference. Like, for example, opting to print your photo on a lightweight and environmentally friendly panel, which protects both our forests and the communities that live in them.

Put your memories where they belong

Display your best photos quickly and easily: choose from handy repositionable stickers, which are simple to apply and don't require you to drill into your walls, a set of four convenient spacers or completely invisible double-sided tape.

Customisation: let your imagination run wild​

Unleash your creativity and transform the photo of your dreams into the object you've always wanted. The options are endless for personalising your special moment: change the colours, crop it, explore gradients, write a message in any style or create a collage of your favourite images. Express yourself in complete freedom!

Shed new light on your memories​

Protect your memories from the passing of time with a Premium finish, a special scratch-resistant gloss varnish for your prints that will make all your most important moments stand out even more, keeping them as unforgettable and sparkling as the day they happened.

Eco photo printing with Gifta

Are you looking for a light, resistant and eco-friendly material to print your photos on? The Eco Photo Panel is the best solution for you. It is made from DISPA, a material made from paper, therefore it is sustainable and environmentally friendly. It is ideal for quality printing and guarantees excellent colour rendering.

The main advantages of the Eco Photo Panel are:

  • Excellent print yield
  • 100% eco-friendly
  • Compactness and rigidity
  • Lightness
  • Low price

Eco photo printing for photo wall prints!

How many beautiful photographs saved in your smartphone roll deserve to be exhibited in an art gallery?! Printing them on quality photo panels today is easy. With Gifta, you can do it in a few clicks. The Eco photo panel has an affordable price, guarantees excellent print yield and is easy to hang on the walls of your home. You can print the photo of a beautiful landscape, of your four-legged friend, a photo collage in different formats ... In short, decorating the walls of the rooms of the house with your photos is now possible. Print your photos on Eco Photo Panels and make your spaces unique.

How to print a photo on an Eco Photo Panel

With Gifta, you can place an order for eco photo printing in just a few clicks:

  1. Choose the image
  2. Select your customisation options
  3. Enter your payment details and delivery address
  4. Receive your new Photo Panel at your home.

If you have any questions or special requests, you can contact our Support team at any time. We will be ready to provide you with assistance at any stage of the purchasing process.

Hanging your new eco photo panels

With Gifta, you can get everything you need to start enjoying your new eco photo panels as soon as they arrive at your door! You can choose to add one of three hanging kits to your order: a classic spacer kit, a self-adhesive spacer kit or repositionable stickers. The stickers save you from having to drill into your walls and have the added advantage of being repositionable, so you can move your eco photo panels around as you please. The hanging kits are optional so if you already have the tools you need you can simply order the photo panels on their own.

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