Gift ideas for animal lovers

Are you looking for an original gift that will leave the recipient speechless? At Gifta, you can find loads of solutions to amaze an animal lover. Tons of fully customisable gift ideas featuring your most precious photos. Framed photos, cushions and lots of other photo gifts!

Gift ideas for Animal Lovers

Animals are true companions for life and friends to their owners. So, when we need to choose a gift for an animal lover, it's important to avoid resorting to boring or predictable gifts. Get inspiration from our gift ideas for animal lovers, including not only decorative items like personalised posters but also other creative photo gifts to surprise the recipient with items that remind them of their four-legged friend. And not just people who own cats and dogs but also people with a passion for animals will love your themed gift.

Personalised gifts for Dog Lovers

Dogs are loyal and affectionate pets that become real members of the family. Some of our useful and versatile gift ideas for owners of our four-legged friends include personalised tote bags for outdoor walks with their doggo or a personalised backpack for their future adventures together. The backpack is spacious and resistant, ideal for carrying a water bowl and food for the dog or for a trip to the mountains or seaside. The backpacks can be fully customised with messages or your most precious photos.

Original gifts for Cat Lovers

Cats are proud and independent animals but when they want, they can also show their affection and gratitude. If you know someone who's crazy about their cat, this is the ideal gift: a personalised mug. It's made from high-quality ceramic and can be personalised with a special image and meaningful message across the whole surface. Perfect for sipping a hot drink while smartworking, being interrupted by the cat that loves getting comfy on the computer keyboard. Or, for original home wall art, you could choose a gift like a framed poster personalised with the wildest photos of your pet.

Christmas gifts for Animal Lovers

Haven't thought about Christmas presents yet? Want to avoid the usual boring presents? You're in the right place with Gifta, where you'll find loads of useful and fully customisable gift ideas for animal lovers, for friends and family who have pets and want to keep them close to their hearts! We offer you the chance to create soft, personalised cushions that lend themselves perfectly to printing and are unmissable value for money. Print all the photos you want on one side or both and surprise the recipient. If you would prefer to create some wall art to fill the house with memories, you can choose from lots of different materials, including canvas, acrylic glass and aluminium.