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  • Hand-sewn in Italy
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High-definition printing

Why you'll love our Tote bags:

  • Hand-sewn in Italy
  • Two different sizes
  • Washable
  • Customisable across the entire surface

A bag as unique as you

Why make do with any old bag when you can have one tailor-made to you, customisable across the entire surface? Create a product that tells your story or showcases the things you love: choose your preferred size from the two different options and print a photo of a special moment, a dedication to someone, or simply a collage of snaps of that adorable kitten of yours.

Life is not black and white, but our handles are​

Choose from black or white handles to suit the style of your bag: we make every one of our tote bags with love, and strengthen it with a seam around the outside edge to ensure it lasts.

Customisation: let your imagination run wild​

Unleash your creativity and transform the photo of your dreams into the object you've always wanted. The options are endless for personalising your special moment: change the colours, crop it, explore gradients, write a message in any style or create a collage of your favourite images. Express yourself in complete freedom!

Your Gifta personalised tote bags

During an event or a day of shopping, having bag to hand that is not bulky but still safe and stylish can be very useful. The shopper bag is a fabric bag equipped with comfortable handles. It is reusable and 100% customisable with your photographs or graphics. You can use it to carry your belongings during a concert or to store your groceries without having to buy plastic bags. It is a low-cost, sustainable and trendy solution, which can now also adapt perfectly to your outfit. With Gifta, you can print a personalised Shopper in your own style, quickly and easily.

Personalised tote bags in a choice of sizes

Gifta’s personalised shopping bags are available in different sizes: 34 x 39 cm or 44/33 x 39 cm. They’re hand-sewn in Italy and have a seam around the outside edge to increase its durability. You can print your photos on one side only or have a different image on the front and back, with a choice of black or white handles. Plus, they’re washable, so if they get muddy on a rainy day or your food leaks in your bag, you can put them in the washing machine and they’ll be as good as new!

Why you’ll love our personalised tote bags

Personalised canvas bags are a lightweight and convenient choice for shopping trips. They’re also eco-friendly and save you using plastic bags. But why not stand out from the crowd with shopping bags that reflect your personality and customise them with your photos and text? The personalised tote bags are made from high-quality fabric and hand-sewn in Italy. They’re resistant and washable, so they’ll stand the test of time, and the print will be of photo quality in high definition.

Customising your personalised tote bags is easy with Gifta

Comfort, speed and convenience. With Gifta, making your personalised Shopper will be child's play! Choose the customisation options you prefer on this page, upload your photo or image and submit your order. You will receive your new custom tote bag directly at your home with punctual shipping. We offer you high-definition printing at low prices. We love to bring your ideas to life and we want to do it while always guaranteeing you the best value for money. Take a look at our offer and discover our great prices!

Personalised tote bags for unique gifts

The personalised Shopper can also be an original and unusual solution for your gifts. It is an accessory that is always useful and fashionable. With Gifta, you can customise the tote bag by choosing a photo or image you like: a funny meme, a still from your favourite series, a meaningful text. The choice is yours! Unleash your creativity and create amazing photo gifts. Do you want to surprise a friend or family member? Now you can do so quickly and easily, without spending a lot. The personalised Shopper is perfect for many occasions.

Why stop at personalised tote bags?

There’s so much to explore at Gifta! If you’ve got more presents to buy and are in need of some inspiration, take a look at our Gift Ideas page. It’s sorted into categories to make it easy for you to search for the ideal personalised gift. You can browse by occasion, such as birthday, anniversary, Christmas or Valentine’s Day, amongst others, or by the person you’re buying for. We have gift ideas for her and him, mum and dad, boyfriend and girlfriend, and loads more! So, if you want to find another gift idea to complement your new, personalised tote bags or for a different person altogether, we’ve got all kinds of customisable gift ideas to help you.

Personalised tote bags and other photo gifts to discover

At Gifta, you can find a world of gifts: lots of products, all fully customisable. We offer a range of photo gifts that can be printed with your favourite photographs or images, such as personalised drawstring bags, backpacks, cushions and mugs. But that’s not all. We recommend taking a look at our Wall Art: you can print your photos in high definition on panels of different materials, such as canvas, aluminium and acrylic glass, etc. You can give your loved ones a stylish and original photo panel ready to hang on the walls of their home. With Gifta, you can make special gifts from your most beautiful memories. Discover the offers that are right for you!