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Why you'll love our Backpacks:

  • Hand-sewn in Italy
  • Dimensions: 34 x 45 cm
  • Photo quality
  • Perfect for leisure time

Small yet mighty​

What makes our backpacks so special? That's simple: their ultra-light 100% polyester fabric, their resistance to scratches and wear and tear and, last but not least, their extremely handy drawstring fastening with adjustable white cords. What more could you want?

Customisation: let your imagination run wild​

Unleash your creativity and transform the photo of your dreams into the object you've always wanted. The options are endless for personalising your special moment: change the colours, crop it, explore gradients, write a message in any style or create a collage of your favourite images. Express yourself in complete freedom!

Your photo or image on personalised backpacks with Gifta

Free time is precious and should be enjoyed. During leisure time like at a concert, it is not comfortable to have your pockets full of your belongings. To free yourself from the weight of your keys, wallet and smartphone you can use a backpack with drawstring closure. It is a fashionable, versatile and now customisable accessory! With Gifta, you can create a personalised backpack with your own photograph or original image. You can do it quickly and easily through this page, in just a few clicks. Select the configuration options you prefer, upload the image and submit your order. You will receive your new backpack bag directly at your home with punctual shipping!

The advantages of our personalised backpacks

The personalised backpack is useful for lots of situations. It is used by children for physical activity at school and by athletes to have everything they need for training with them. It can contain the essential equipment for a relaxing day at the beach or for an adventurous mountain excursion. It can be used to carry a pair of shoes on a trip or to store groceries. The backpack is a timeless accessory because it is stylish, comfortable and safe. Thanks to the drawstring closure you will not risk losing the contents and you can always carry it with you wearing the adjustable straps. It is made from polyester, a material that is resistant to scratches and humidity, and suitable for very high definition printing. The bag is also equipped with reinforced eyelets that prevent the cords from rubbing against the fabric and hindering wear.

Why choose our personalised backpacks?

Gifta’s personalised backpacks come in one size: 34 x 45 cm. They’re made from 100% polyester, meaning they’re super lightweight and easy to carry on your back or shoulder. They’re hand-sewn in Italy and have a drawstring fastening and comfortable, adjustable cords. Durable and scratch-resistant, they can handle a bit of wear of tear on your outdoor adventures or trips to the gym. Plus, the print is high definition and photo quality. Basically, the personalised drawstring backpacks are a must-have, whether for a gift or if you feel like treating yourself!

A personalised backpack that is 100% you

With Gifta, you can print a photograph or image that you like on your new personalised backpack. That way, you will always have a unique product available that completely fit your style. You can create a personalised backpack that can be combined with your favourite outfits, or with the colours of your favourite team. You can print a logo, your initials or text on the surface. We use the best printing technology and all our experience to guarantee you a high-quality result.

Personalised backpacks as a gift!

Are you looking for the perfect birthday gifts? Have you ever thought about giving a personalised backpack as a gift? With Gifta, you can create a useful and personalised present. Customise a backpack with a photo of you and your friends to give to them or you can personalise a backpack with photos of your child's favourite superheroes so that they can have their own personalised baby backpack!

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Personalised backpacks and other items for your free time

In addition to drawstring backpacks, at Gifta you will find a wide selection of the best customisable gifts. Our category dedicated to photo gifts contains, for example, drawstring bags, tote bags, mugs and photo cushions. They can all be printed in high definition through our site, quickly and easily. You can also print your most beautiful photographs on canvas and on quality rigid materials, such as aluminium, acrylic glass, foam board and more. Discover our new Wall Art!