Gifts for female friends: gift ideas to surprise your friends

Gifts for female friends: gift ideas to surprise your friends

Gifts for female friends: gift ideas to surprise your friends

Gifts for female friends: tug at their heart strings

Who finds a faithful friend finds a treasure!

That couldn’t be more true.

It’s rare to find true friends, so when you do, it’s worth spoiling them with the best gifts when there’s a special occasion. True friends will never ask for presents but they’ll be happy and grateful to receive them, if they are given from the heart. And because female friends are rare and precious, we’ll give you some tips in this article on the best gifts to give them on special occasions.

Let’s start with a fact: if they’re your close friends, you’re bound to know what they like.

This is key to buying gifts for friends that you really love and appreciate. The second important thing is to personalise the gift you’re giving them. Of course, it’s nice to receive presents, even expensive ones, which can be worn or used in the home and show status because of their brands. But anyone can buy gifts like that. Whereas gifts for female friends that touch their hearts, amaze them and leave a lasting memory are much more special, especially when they’re perfect for their tastes, evoke memories shared together, big or small events, shared secrets and little moments of joy.

And that’s the real secret to finding gifts for female friends that leave a mark.

Let’s get started.

Gifts for female friends: gift ideas and inspiration to surprise your friends

Here are some examples of gifts for female friends you can choose from:

Gifts for female friends: a framed canvas photo print

What do friends love? Unforgettable memories.

Memories are one of the most precious and personal things we have. And creating a gift that highlights a memory is the perfect way to thank a friend for being there. So, why not choose the funniest, silliest or most touching photo of you and your friend and print it on a canvas print?

Your friend will have an eternal memory of that funny selfie, that party, that beach, that exhibition, that holiday or that brunch you had so much fun at. And she’ll be able to remember it without looking at her smartphone or PC. Your photo together will be right in front of her, in her bedroom, living room or on her desk. So, there’ll always be a special space for the two of you during her day.

Or maybe you or her said something one day that made you laugh so much or was touching or encouraging. You could add that phrase to the photo or even print just the phrase if it’s particularly important to you both. So, delve into your memories, find the situation and photo that you think is important or the words that matter to you and are filled with emotion. Upload them, print them on canvas et voilà!

The gift for your friend is served.

Gifts for female friends: a soft cushion with a message on

Being friends means supporting each other.

Sharing secrets, confessions and chatting about the good times are all part of friendship. Friends support us and offer a shoulder to cry on and help when we need it, as well as in calmer times. With true friends, there’s always time for a quick chat, any time. To listen or discuss for a moment, which always leads to something good like personal growth, whether small or large. And to give or receive a little hug when needed.

So, why not pay your friend back for all this by gifting her a personalised cushion?

It’ll be like gifting her a hug, your words of comfort, encouragement or affection, printed on an item that will keep her company when she’s resting and relaxing or when she’s gathering her thoughts before bed. A personalised cushion with a photo of the two of you on, or a funny photo, an iconic phrase or a joke that went down a storm, will remind her that she’s not alone and she can always count on you.

Choose the right photo, message or phrase, upload it, check the cushion preview and print it. The gift for your friend is ready!

Gift for female friends: a personalised backpack

How do you sustain a special friendship with your friend?

With a great little backpack!

Have you ever thought about all the moments you’ve shared together? From the trips to the beach that started at dawn and ended at dawn… the next day! From the picnics in the mountains to the trips to the lake with your other friends, to talking about secrets, what’s new and sharing your thoughts about the present and future. Not forgetting your trips to the theme park or your local playground where you’d meet every day and share laughter and tears.

True friends, special friends, have experienced these kinds of memories together, and many more. Moments that remind us that big and little things can be shared with the people we love, moments that can be reflected in a small but special gift… like a backpack! A gift that is always appreciated and above all useful, suitable for all occasions and able to hold everything you need to go out on your daily adventures, as well as lots of memories to save for the future.

The best thing is you can personalise the backpack with a phrase, quote, image or special photo that means something to you or your friend. Something that reminds her of a time you spent together, a nickname, a funny image or a symbol that represents your bond. When you’ve found it, simply upload the image to our tool, check the preview and, if you’re happy, order your personalised backpack. A special gift, for special friends!

Gifts for female friends: find the best personalised gifts at Gifta!

Now that you have some more ideas of what to gift your female friends, you can extend your search on Gifta and discover loads of other options. The important thing is to give her something personalised, which isn’t standard and can’t be given to her by anyone else. That’s what makes gifts special, memorable and appreciated by the recipient. Keep in mind all those important memories you have with you friends and… happy hunting!