Graduation gifts: unique gift ideas for those who are graduating

Graduation gifts: unique gift ideas for those who are graduating

Graduation gifts: unique gift ideas for those who are graduating

Graduation gifts: impress with these unique gift ideas

If you’re soon going to be attending someone’s graduation ceremony or party, as well as preparing yourself for all the gowns and silly hats, you may be looking for an original, winning idea for an effective and impactful graduation gift. If so, you are in the right place. Graduating is an extremely important occasion: it only happens a few times in people’s lives (usually only once) and it should therefore be celebrated properly. Furthermore, graduating is a moment of personal development and a break with the past.

The graduate will soon abandon their books, presentations and notes and launch themselves into the job market, with a mixture of excitement and worry. The era of university freedom comes to an end and one that brings satisfaction, but also challenges, responsibility and new sacrifices begins. This occasion should therefore be celebrated properly, with appropriate gifts that will bring back lots of memories in the future.

Below you will find several ideas for different personalised gifts suitable for a graduation party.

Let’s look at them together.

Graduation gifts: some practical ideas for personalised gifts

Here are some examples of graduation gifts to inspire you:

Graduation gifts: framed photo canvas prints

Let’s begin with a classic.

How many memories do you share with the new graduate?

Whether you have lots or just a few, if you are about to attend their graduation party, there’s bound to something, big or small. Studying, venting, partying, evenings in with friends, outings, annoying selfies… You definitely have some great moments to remember. Well, now is the time to treasure them and use them as gifts.

Choose the photo that brings to mind one or more unforgettable memories and make a gift of it! Print it on a nice canvas, with varying sizes according to your requirements. It will make a good impression anywhere in their room, their house, or their future workplace (of course, in this case it’s best that the photo in question isn’t too awkward!).

You may not believe it, but memories of student life, along with those from high school, are some of the most touching and provoke a feeling of nostalgia, even if they’re just a few years ago. So, search out the most important photos of you and the celebrant, upload them to the configurator, choose your size et voilà! Their graduation gift is served.

Graduation gifts: a soft cushion with a graduation inscription

How tiring is graduating?

With the ceremony and all the jokes and celebrating, it can be exhausting!

At the end of a busy day, our hero or heroine collapses into bed, following a refreshing shower to unwind. At this point, bed-bound and about to enter the world of nod, the new graduate can benefit from the personalised cushion they threw onto the bed a few moments earlier.

Don’t you think that would be a well-used gift?

A personalised cushion is therefore our second recommended graduate gift: a non-trivial, uncommon gift that is sure to make a great impression. You can print an embarrassing or sweet photo on it of them or of your whole gang. Or a cartoon or film character you know is one their heroes. You could also choose a phrase or word which you know has a special meaning in their journey or story.

Anyway, the personalised cushion will remind them of their graduation, of the people that gifted it to them, and the moments or concepts printed on it. And it will continue to do so for a long time, during moments of rest and relaxation, and at the end of a tiring day of (looking for) work!

Be creative and choose wisely: that cushion will reflect you and the wonderful occasion of their graduation. Try it to believe it!

Graduation gifts: a personalised mini backpack

Done graduating, time to be a graduate!

To paraphrase a famous phrase by Massimo D’Azeglio, once you have the piece of paper, to be a real graduate you then you need to make the man or woman. And what does someone who has just got their long-awaited degree do? They work hard, for the most part.

They work hard to gain opportunities for personal growth, training, and work. They look for traineeships, internships, or entry-level positions to step foot into the job market. Or maybe they immediately throw themselves into a master’s degree or a PhD. So, after overcoming one hurdle, a new obstacle course begins.

It is a race in every sense of the word, and not just metaphorical. For this reason, a personalised mini backpack is another excellent gift idea for graduation. A backpack is an essential object for those who are struggling with their studies or work. It is ideal for storing copies of your CV, thesis, folders and stationery, as well as snacks and everything you need for short trips away.

A backpack personalised with a motto, an image, a photo or a suitable quote can provide energy, motivating the recipient and reminding them of someone who cares, and who chose to give this meaningful and practical graduation gift. We are certain that their memories will be positive and full of gratitude, in between researching jobs and interviews or when on a trip. Try it and see for yourself!

Graduation gifts: discover them on Gifta!

Now that you have some interesting ideas for the best graduation gifts, why not have a look on our site? On Gifta you will find many different ideas and products to personalise for a unique graduation party gift! You just need a photo, a message, and a minute to check the preview of your gift. Then it’s job done! We are sure you will make a big impression and make their graduation day truly unforgettable.

Happy choosing!