Phrases for name days: the best phrases to wish someone a happy name day

Phrases for name days: the best phrases to wish someone a happy name day

What do we have since birth, is always with us, we hear it pretty much every day, but we never mention it? Our name! Often, we inherit this from our grandparents or it’s the result of our parents’ sleepless nights.

Whatever the source is, receiving happy name day wishes is always a pleasure! If it’s a pleasure receiving name day wishes, let’s remember to also give them out.

If you don’t want to limit yourself to a simple “happy name day!”, all you need is a bit of imagination and creativity. If you need a hand, we will suggest a few phrases. Choose the most suitable one or use it as a starting point for a custom happy name day wishes!

Happy Name Day phrases: this day is special because it carries your name

Do you need some help to find the right phrases to wish a dear friend or relative a happy name day? If you’re struggling and afraid of not finding the right words, fear not.

Below we suggest a collection of happy name day specifically designed to tell the person you are addressing how special they are.

Happy Name Day my friend! On such a special day for you, where your beautiful name is celebrated, I wanted to show you all my love for you. I love you.

You know, for your name day I wasted so much time thinking of original phrases, but then I realised that simple things are always the best (idiomatic). Best wishes for a happy name day. I love you…

On the day which we celebrate your name, my wishes could not be missed. Happy Name Day my friend!

You know you’re so lucky to have such a nice name, right?! Happy Name Day!

Out of all the nice things your parents have done for you, remember to also thank them for the beautiful name you have. Happy Dame Day!

The best name for the best celebrant. Happy Name Day!

I use your name day as an opportunity to remind you how much I think of you. Happy Name Day!

Here are my most simple, genuine, and loving wishes for you. Happy Name Day!

You have such a nice name which is not easily forgotten! Happy Name Day

Kudos(idiomatic) to your parents, they chose a name for you really well. Happy Name Day

Today your name is celebrated across the whole world. I’m also participating to your celebration with this message, Happy Name Day

Your name is… approved! Many wishes

You must be proud to have this name. Happy Name Day

You should know, the story behind your name is incredible. Be proud of the Saint who carried it before you and made it so special. Happy Name Day

You’re a special person, capable of making such a name unique. Happy Name Day

It is the people who make the name we carry unique. Happy Name Day

Many forget this anniversary because your name Is very rare. But you are too special to me, and your name will never go unnoticed. Happy Name Day

Your beauty is not only on the outside, but above all it’s the what’s inside that makes you beam in the eyes of those lucky enough to be around you. Happy Name Day!

The sweetest of all names, the happiest of name days. Many wishes for this special day!

Let’s not forget your name day. Especially when you know someone like you, able to make an already special name unique. Happy Name Day!

Remember to thank your parents for this lovely name you carry. Happy Name Day

You’re able to make the name your carry unique. Happy Name Day

Formal name day wishes for a colleague or an acquaintance

Are you looking for the right phrase to wish someone a happy name day, but still haven’t found it?

Are you undecided because it’s for a colleague or an acquaintance you’re not particularly close with, so you’re looking for something a bit more formal? You ask and we deliver!

Below we have a selection of more formal wishes for example: suitable for work contexts, where the degree of familiarity is not as high.

On such a special day for you I wanted to dedicate you a message: Happy Name Day

With great respect and warmth, I give you my most genuine happy name day wishes

Here are my most simple, genuine, and warm wishes. Happy Name Day!

With all my love, I give you my best happy name day wishes!

Happy Name Day wishes for special friends: for our best friends we share everything with!

There are friendships that blossom from the classroom and that even distance can’t break them.

It’s those genuine and indestructible friendships we thought of with these happy name day phrases. To tell your best friend that the bond between you is very strong and you will always be beside them.

Do you relate to these phrases?

As kids we would hold hands because we were inseparable. Today, even if we don’t see each other much, we do it in spirit and continue to have the same strong and intense bond as before. On this special day for you where we celebrate your name, I couldn’t forget my best wishes. Happy Name Day

To my best friend, the only one capable of lifting my mood and making smile even in my darkest moments… Happy Name Day!

From primary school to now, nobody and nothing has separated us. On your name day I wanted to give you my most loving wishes: to my special friend!

Funny name day wishes for our friends we are close and can be silly/funny with

Admit it, we all have those friends that are a bit crazy, if they’re not up to something they wouldn’t be themselves!

Those friends that fix any bad day with their irony!

We collected a few phrases to wish a happy name day to these jokers, a funny wish!

You have very little in common with Saints, but I will celebrate you anyway! Happy Name Day!

I still don’t quite understand whether you made this name special, or the Saint did? The question remains… in the meantime, Happy Name Day!

I don’t understand how you can celebrate a name as bizarre as yours. Anyway, seeing as everyone is doing it, I’ll join in too: Happy Name Day to you!

I forgot to forget that it’s your name day. Happy Name Day!

If your Saint knew that you carry the same name, they would ask you to change it for defamation. Happy Name Day!

You have the most beautiful name in the world, after mine obviously. Joking…happy name day!

I’m only doing this because if not you won’t let me have some cake… Happy Name Day!

Your parents already gave the nice names to your brothers/sisters, you got this one… It’s ok, it’s a decent name anyways. Happy Name Day!

Name day wishes for your mum or dad: dedicate a sweet thought to your parents

You don’t want to forget your parents, do you? Is wishing them a happy name day proving to be a more difficult task than anticipated? If you have writer’s block, we have some suggestions even for this situation.

Here are some special tributes for your mum or dad!

I call you every day by this amazing name. Today is a truly special day for you so I wish you all the best. Happy Name Day

Since a kid I couldn’t pronounce it well, however, today I articulate it in the best way and with much more love… Happy Name Day

A name which for me has always meant a lot and will be hard to forget. Happy Name Day mum/dad

Name day wishes: name day wish with a little printed gift!

It’s true it’s the thought that counts, but why not give happy name day wishes in a special way and above all personalised? When a gift is made specifically for us, and is literally engraved into us it’s even more appreciated!

Print your special phrase on our gift items. Make it a special wish!

Here are the products which you can print your phrases on:

Trial it out with our configurator tool, it’s super easy! Insert the phrase, choose the colour, the object and check the preview. In a few steps you can quickly order your personalised object and if you like It, you can make a gift set by putting your phrase on multiple objects! The choice is yours; you are the artist!