Stag do gift ideas

Loads of fun, useful and fully customisable stag do gifts. T-shirts, backpacks, tote bags, mugs and much more. Make the party an unforgettable day and surprise the stag and guests with unique gifts. Take a look!

Personalised stag do gifts

To organise a memorable stag do, you definitely need a good amount of creativity and fun. You might want a few tips to help you choose the games, jokes, accessories and gifts for an unforgettable stag party. If so, you're in the right place. At Gifta, we've selected the best stag do gift ideas: loads of personalised gifts for the stag and those attending the event. T-shirts, backpacks, shopping bags, mugs and much more. Take a look!

The best gift ideas for a stag party

At Gifta, you can find loads of stag do gift ideas, which can all be fully personalised. Find the best one for your event and create the perfect gift for the stag in just a few clicks:

  • Stag do T-shirts: any self-respecting party group wants to make themselves instantly recognisable. That's why personalised T-shirts are a stag do classic, featuring embarrassing photos of the stag or a funny message.
  • Personalised backpacks: to carry everything you need for the party, you can use a personalised backpack. It has straps and a drawstring fastening and you can print your photos on the entire surface. It's affordable and scratch- and tear-resistant.
  • Personalised drawstring bags: you can create a stag do survival kit using personalised drawstring bags with a drawstring fastening. You can put whatever you think might be useful for the celebrations in them: accessories, stickers, flyers, etc. Be as creative as you like!
  • Personalised mugs: you can also create useful items to give to the guests, choosing personalised mugs, for example, or lovely posters.
  • Wall art: if you want to include a slightly more serious gift with all the funny presents and accessories, we recommend taking a look at our Wall art. It includes Framed posters, Photo tiles, personalised Canvas prints and lots of other personalised items to hang on the wall. For example, you could print a canvas print of a photo of your group of friends to surprise the stag.

Personalised stag do T-shirts

Stag do T-shirts are a must-have for an event like this. With Gifta, you can print amazing personalised T-shirts with the most embarrassing photos of the stag or some text. They are made from Fruit of the Loom® quality 100% cotton and are available in loads of colours and sizes. You can easily personalise them on our website using the handy free editor. Upload one or more images, add them to the artwork and complete your masterpiece with text and a coloured background. Using the 3D preview, you can check the end result of your work.